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We are your capable partner as contract manufacturers around the

  • laser welding  (laser welding of depth up to 8mm)
  • 3D laser cutting (great components possible)

Benefit from our production know-how and our experience:

Laser welding
  • laser welding of depth up to 8mm
  • laser welding of special materials
  • oxidfree laser welding (such as by titanium)
  • bridging of gaps with supplying of wire
  • inductive advance warning of welding-critical materials
  • accompanying production online process control
3D laser cutting
  • great components possible (size on consultation)
  • cutting of high-strength materials
  • cost-effective processing of large-lot production by double-station operation
  • using of offline programming according to CAD-data with the software proLAS3d
  • using of readable file formats: IGES, STEP, VDA/FS, DXF

The company - MARS Lasertechnik GmbH


  • 1994 - Foundation of the company MARS Lasertechnik GmbH by tree former employees of the company
              Messer Griesheim, a laser system manufacturer.
  • 1995 - Beginning of production with one 5-axis laser system and a 6000 W CO2-laser in April 1995.
  • 1997 - Processing of a laser welding major order of electrolysis cells
  • 1998 - Processing of a major order for the company Chema Balcke Dürr
  • 2000 - Beginning of apprenticeship training
  • 2001 - Initial startup of a 1700 W CO2-laser for welding jobs; start of the CAMWA project.
  • 2002 - Initial startup of a welding station with a 5000 W CO2-laser
  • 2004 - Start of the ICACOST project.
  • 2007 - Take over a 5-axis laser system with a 1700 W CO2-laser for laser cutting jobs
  • 2008 - Getting a 2,5KW CO2-laser (peak power of 3000W)
  • 2009 - Laser welding with a diode laser within the FÜLAS project


International cooperation on the following projects:




Project executing organisation

1997 - 1999


Development of a offline NC programming system for 3D laser systems.


1999 - 2000


Development of a monitoring system for laser welding.


2001 - 2002


Development of a internet market for sheet metal forming.


2001 - 2003


Futher development of a offline programming system for 3D laser systems. Coordination of project by MARS Lasertechnik GmbH.


2004 - 2006


Development of a calculation module for completion of a offline programming system for 3D laser systems.


2006 - 2009


Flexible arc welding for process-sure assembling from steels, high strength and high modulus steels and light metal.


2010 - 2013


Robot Guided Laser for Cutting and Welding


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